Tired of updating a Google Spreadsheet to track your job progress?

Scrap the Google Sheet and become a ProMazo Member to access the world's first personal digital assistant for the college recruiting process

Managing the recruiting process can be confusing

Tracking everything through a Google Sheet gets messy fast.

It’s hard to keep track of what action items are due when

There are no tools to help you figure out where you will fit best.

Tracking contacts & coordinating follow ups with recruiters is difficult

We make the job search process fair for all. For any industry, any field, any position. Anywhere.

Track of all your applications and what happens next

We know it is tempting. Create a google sheet and put a couple of columns for your companies, jobs, hiring managers and the due dates of the applications. But over time it often becomes an unwieldy mess with notes, other due dates, connections, etc. We know. We’ve been there. As a ProMazo Member you never have to worry about that again with our application tracking system that was built solely for college students to manage all of the components of their applications in an organized manner including your notes, events, and people associated with them.

Discover the companies that match your values

Your first job is way more than a paycheck. It is your springboard to the rest of your career. A successful first job leads to future financial security. But it can be very difficult to know where you best fit. We think that is because most programs don’t help students look at the whole picture: company culture, the team you will be working with, and how does the job fit into your long term plans. With our personalized ratings of hundreds of companies combined with your own experiences, together we can find the perfect job for you.

Never lose touch with your critical connections

Nearly 70% of all jobs are secured through networking, making expanding your network and keeping the people within it up to date critical to your job search. But updating every person you meet at an event, career fair or internship can be difficult and time cosuming. Now you can manage all those relationships through your own personal CRM and make sure you’re staying connected with the people who can help you find your job.

Overwhelmed by recruiting?

We get it.

Plan, run, and track all of your recruiting activities in one flexible platform

We’ve organized everything for you so all you have to do is fill in your specific applications and connections and you’re off and running.

We have opportunities in many different fields


Creative & Design


App Dev

Financial Analysis

Software Dev

Data Sci, AI & ML


Get started with your own application board

A board is a customizable sheet for managing your applications, contacts and overall job search

Evaluate your opportunities in a new way

We help you take a 360 view of your jobs prospects and how you connect with a company to make sure it is the perfect fit for you







Activate Your




Looking at how a job affects the whole person is core to ProMazo. That’s why we have built an entire set of tools to help you determine whether a company aligns with your life mission and professional goals. And you’ll be able to update your thoughts and priorities in a job as you progress through your career journey, because how you think as a freshman will be different than as a senior.

This is the future of how to get your job

  1. 1. To-Do-Lists
  2. 2. Application Management
  3. 3. Events
  4. 4. Reminders
  5. 5. Goal Tracking

Track what needs to get done to make sure nothing is missed and you don't get behind

Solved by ProMazo

04. Feeling overwhelmed managing all your connections

Networking can overload anyone. We make sure you can keep track of everyone through your own personal CRM and make sure you don't lose touch with the people who will be critical in securing your first job.

05. Not having a birds-eye view of everything

See the status of everything all in one place. And don't worry. Even if you do forget, we'll give you a little nudge.

01. Having to use separate apps to manage your recruiting journey

You'll have access to your own application tracker, CRM as well as unique research and insights on firms. We even link with all the major job boards so you don't have to worry about switching between different sites.

02. Not knowing exactly what to do next

Our task manager keeps you on track and ensures you meet every deadline. And since you might be managing 15 or more applications at a time and looking at 30 different companies, we keep you alerted if anything looks like it is slipping to make sure you stay organized and don't have to stress about forgetting important events, application due dates and other activities.

03. Understanding whether the job fits you

Our analysis on all the major firms, your responses to our deep dive reflections combined with your personal research will give you all the confidence and insight you need to make your final decision.

Because your job hunt doesn’t happen from behind a computer

Switch seamlessly between desktop and mobile. So even when you’re on the go or at the career fair, you still have access to ProMazo and can update your boards on the go.

Ditch the google sheet. Become a member today.