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The world’s first personalized collegiate career center

Empowering students to take control of their careers and land their dream job

Struggling to find a job and your place in the world? You're not alone.

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With so many choices it is hard to know where you will fit best and thrive

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It’s difficult to stand out because you’re not at a target school

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Career Centers often can’t give customized advice or spend much time with you

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The result: You walk your career journey alone with little direction or guidance

Traditional recruiting is broken,Let's fix it!

  1. You are defined by your three digit GPA
  2. Generic Career Center advice
  3. Information and tracking overload
  4. No way to know what a company/job is actually like
  5. Confusion on how to position yourself to hiring managers

You should expect more!

Own your career journey

Real world experience
without leaving campus

Say goodbye to the old campus jobs where you cleaned dishes at the dining hall or put books back at the library. Get the real world experience you need to impress today's employers.

Find the job that fits

Our platform is the control center for your career search. Discover companies & how they fit your values, manage your applications, build your network and get hired.

Advice and guidance to
keep you on track

Guides are crucial to helping avoid mistakes and take advantage of openings. Now you’ll have an entire team of them supporting your job search with the expertise in and experience with how to land the exact role you want.

Through ProMazo you get

All the tools you need to manage your entire job search

The experience you need to set yourself apart from the crowd

Career advice & guidance from people who have been there

Because doing the same things people did 30 years ago won’t get you hired.

Say goodbye to endless Google searches looking for tips and tricks on your upcoming interviews and ditch that messy Google Sheet for tracking your apps!

We focus on getting you the experience you need to stand out in the crowd, give you a platform to stay organized and guidance tailored to your unique situation to grow your network & secure your job.

Say Hello to the New Way To Land Your Dream Job!

To solve for

a problem

an opportunity

Your 21st Century Career Center: Get the organization, experience, and guidance you need to suceed.


The way most people manage their career search is old and stale. ProMazo rethought the entire process and built a modern suite of tools that helps examine how a job fits you from every angle. From tracking your applications to managing your contacts and access to thousands of jobs, ProMazo members have a platform that actively helps them find their jobs and keeps them organized so the whole process is faster, easier and more successful.


Experience is the currency employers value. Fellows work with top companies solving real life problems, giving them the chance to showcase their skills and stand out from the crowd on their resume. In addition to teaming with top students, you will have a ProMazo Manager who will give you the personalized support and training that ensures the success of the project. And along the way, you will have the chance to network and connect with executives who make hiring decisions…Oh did we mention that you also get paid?


A personal board of directors composed of experts who have already gone through the process, helping you sort through every aspect of your career search. Advisors give you the customized guidance and support that Career Centers can’t. Combined with the curriculum we have built over the past decade to structure your job search, you will be completely prepared for the whole journey. We also know you’re busy so your Advisors are available on-demand to meet on your schedule.

We're on a mission to end GPA's and interviews in recruiting. Here's how we're going to do it:

Change The Conversation

GPAs and interviews are biased. We need to start raising it as a real issue that must be confronted.

Showcase Your Talent

Our Fellowship program gives you the platform to show you are more than just a three digit number.

Build Out Your Networks

People hire people they know. It's that simple. So, let's get you connected with the right people.

100k Mentors

No one accomplishes a journey alone. In 2020, with the world facing the Coronavirus pandemic and students losing jobs at unprecented rates, we decided to do something to help. Partnering with companies, we launched the 100K Mentor Challenge. It is a 21st Century mentorship program that connects students from underserved backgrounds to over 100,000 professionals across multiple industries on a virtual basis to help guide students from these communities through the career search process.

Does this sound like something that could help you?

Experienced managers will support and coach you

Nicholas P.

He is a Data Scientist and Algorithm Engineer with a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from the University of Rochester.

Juliette M.

She is a UX/UI Designer and Marketing Strategist with a degree in Art and Marketing from the Unversity of California, Berkeley.

Louis D.

He is an Engineering Project Manager with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Computer Science from the University of Notre Dame.

Ability is everywhere, but opportunity is not


Through its apprenticeship programs, coaching, software tools and work engagements, ProMazo diversifies the distribution of quality jobs and helps eliminate the Diploma Paradox. By providing an avenue for college students to showcase their talents, we hope to build a model that sustainably solves the $1.7 Trillion Student Debt Crisis and enable students to graduate DEBT FREE.

The opportunity to work on meaningful projects, network with top executives and showcase your skills to hiring managers can only be found on ProMazo. The best part is you are never alone, because ProMazo's full time staff are constantly advising, coaching and supporting you.

Natalie B.

ProMazo Fellow

Are you ready to take control of your job search?