How do you find where you’re meant to be?

A simple question, but as a student, one that is often frustratingly diffcult to answer.

The problem is the way we find jobs is old and antiquated

Recruiting platforms are poorly designed & are built with companies, not students in mind

Career Centers have great staff, but are often too stretched to support your specific needs

Company Info Sessions are often too bland to distinguish one company from another.

Career Fairs. Don’t get us started. No one likes them and they are just awkward for everyone.

Our Mission

Tounleashyour potential and help you findyour dream job.

Because your job is more than just a paycheck

For Millennials and Gen Z, job satisfaction comes not just from their salary, but how well they fit at the firm. Here are the additional dimensions we help you examine when choosing your first job:

Company values

Alligning with your company’s values and mission is the first piece of the puzzle. If your values clash with your employer, every day will feel like a drag because you will be at conflict with your inner-self. It is important that you feel inspired by the mission so that when you have those off days, it can help you push through.

Your team’s culture

The number one factor after salary for whether you will stay at your job is your relationship with your manager and your team. If you don’t fit with your team’s culture, there is a high likelihood you will underperform.

Skill building opportunities

Your first few years are all about learning and growing so the opportunity for personal growth is critical in your first job. The skills you learn during your first job will be the foundational launch pad for the rest of your career.

Challenging yourself

You don’t have to be changing the world in your first job, but you want to make sure that the job provides the opportunities for experimentation and learning. When you are at a job that is challenging and you are pushing yourself it won’t feel like work, it will feel more like you’re having fun. Trust us on this one.

Getting it right is critical because


of college graduates take positions out of school that don’t require their degree.


of these graduates will be in the same spot 10 years later.


first year salary loss compared to students who are fully employed

These numbers are set to grow. With automation, digitization & the pace of technology, there is a real possiblity of an underemployed generation. So we decided to do something to prevent this scenario from happening:

We reimagined the career search using the latest technology and around 3 core principles

  1. Built for Students by Students. Students know what they need for their career search, so why not have them build it?

  2. Multiple Professional Experiences. We are going to replace on-campus jobs and help students showcase their talents through 6-7 job experiences while in school

  3. Students Are a Force Waiting To Be Unleashed. Instead of Animal House, we see students as an untapped resource who can creatively solve today’s challenges

As we revolutionize the career search process, we want to fix a few more things along the way

Eliminate the GPA

GPAs are biased and highly variable between professors and a poor predictor of talent. It needs to go.

Solve the Student Debt

The average student graduates $29,000 in debt. We need a new solution to paying for college, and it needs to come soon.

End On-Campus Jobs

Millions of students tackle real world work during internships, yet on campus they have to work in the dining hall.

We hope you will join our movement to help us ensure that no student goes into debt to secure their degree and build a more equitable system where no matter where you go to school, you will have the opportunity to showcase your talents to the world.

Join the movement today!