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Get hired by the companies you want through the support of expert advisors and a curriculum to help you successfuly navigate the recruiting process. Completely customized just for you.

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Take control of the recruiting process and your future

The recruiting process can be confusing, difficult and at times nerve racking. Parents/guardians often do not know how to advise you and career centers just don’t have the time to build a custom plan for you. We connect you with a team of advisors who will help you navigate this challenging time and help you with all aspects of it (from job discovery to networking) so that you can secure the job that matches your values/goals and enables you to thrive.

We advise students in many different areas


Creative & Design


App Dev

Financial Analysis

Software Dev

Data Sci, AI & ML


Advisors for multiple career tracks

Your advisors are experts in their field and will help you through all the stages of your career journey. They will be your mentor, coach and supporter as they help you craft your personal brand and land your dream job in the following fields:





Make sure the investment you made in your education pays off

Advisors who know how to get hired in your industry

All of ProMazo’s advisors have recently secured positions at top tier firms. They know how to showcase your accomplishments to potential firms and will work with you to build a highly competitive strategy to maximize your chance of securing your first job.

A curriculum designed over a decade to get you hired

Recruiting starts from the moment you step on campus. Our curriculum, honed over a decade of working with students, provides a framework to discover the perfect position for you, helps keep you organized and guides you through the entire recruiting process.

A board of advisors. Not just a coach

No one is an expert in everything. That’s why we custom build a team of advisors who will help you with all the different aspects of your career search. They will help answer all your questions ranging from how do you build a network to how do the classes you take affect your prospects at certain companies? It’s like having your own career center focused just on you.

How we help you

04. Ongoing Support

PM Managers support the ProMazo Fellows and oversee their work on a day to day basis. They are experienced professionals who will help ensure that the work si the highest quality and help blend ProMazo's team of Fellows within a corporation. They coach their team of Fellows in areas like how to present themselves in meetings and work with their Fellows to tackle all of the challenges the ProMazo team will face.

05. Get Your Dream Job

We won’t stop until you are where you want to be. Our job is to help you showcase your potential and after working with dozens of top companies, we know exactly what they expect. Coming out of the program, you will be completely prepared to handle the job search, how to position yourself for your target companies and most importantly know what you truly want out of your first professional experience.

01. Breakdown your path and initial goals

Our Deans coordinate your whole career journey. Whether you are just starting out or know exactly where you want to go, they will sit down with you to discuss your desired outcomes and understand what makes you tick. Unlike most career centers, your Dean will be by your side the whole way, tailoring and customizing the program for you.

02. Meet Your Advisory Team

Your Dean will assemble a team of advisors based on your initial disucssions. These advisors are industry experts who will actively coach and teach you how to get the job you desire. They have professional experience at some of the world's top firms and infuse this real-world knowledge into your curriculum.

03. Start Your Real World Education

School is great, but it doesn't teach you how to get a job. Our lessons span 6 disciplines that will help shape you for the job you want. Our curriculum is dynamic too, so unlike college where you can get stuck taking endless 'gen ed' courses, we customize the curriculum to your level, ensuring every lesson is valuable.

We want to ensure you find the perfect fit

Not just about the $s, but where you will thrive

Your first job is critical, but not just from a monetary perspective. The job has to fit, but we know that figuring out a company’s culture while a student can be difficult. We help you answer questions like which position gives you the most leadership responsibility at an early stage? Does the company match your values? Your advising team will help you look at your job prospects from every angle, drawing on their own experiences with your target firms, to make sure it is the right fit for you.

Your advisors are your personal board of directors

“ProMazo's personal career coaches completely changed the way I approached the job search. Through their support and guidance, I knew exactly how to position myself and build a network to secure my first job.”

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ProMazo Fellow

Meet your advisors

All of our advisors have experience securing jobs at top tier firms. Here are a few of them:

Nicholas B.

ProMazo Advisor

As a PhD at Cambridge, Nicholas has a range of experience that he draws from his current academic role. These experiences give him a unique international perspective that he looks forward to using to help students discover their passion.

CambridgeCreated with Sketch.Microsoft logo

Baptiste B.

ProMazo Adivsor

Baptiste used his time in college to explore multiple industries. Based on his experience at Facebook, Bain and several other companies, he hopes to help students understand how to identify the types of firms/industries that fit them best.

MITCreated with Sketch.Bain-Company-LogoCreated with Sketch.

Andrew L.

ProMazo Advisor

Andrew has secured positions at companies of all sizes from 5 to 50,000+ people. He looks forward to helping students determine whether a small or large company is right for them.

Uni of TexasCreated with Sketch.Citibank-logoCreated with Sketch.

The opportunity to work on meaningful projects, network with top executives and showcase your skills to hiring managers can only be found on ProMazo. The best part is you are never alone, because ProMazo's full time staff are constantly advising, coaching and supporting you.

Natalie B.

ProMazo Fellow

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