Gain the one asset employers care about:


ProMazo's Fellows get the real world experience needed to stand out in today's job market. All without leaving campus.

The Catch 22 of College: How do you get your first job without experience?

Companies want to hire people who have some amount of experience

By definition as a student you don’t have experience just yet

Best options are to join clubs and do “fake” projects

End result: you’re left with using your GPA as a proxy for your ability.

Showcase your talents while breaking a vicious cycle and bias

Many adults don’t believe you can do it. They’re wrong.

No one accomplishes a journey alone. When we first started we were told that no company would ever hire a student to work virtually. They laughed at us when we told them we would never choose students based on GPA because it is a biased measure. After placing over 500 Fellows in different positions, they now look at us in disbelief. We believe in the power of students to make an impact at firms and we want to showcase your talents to the world.

You don’t need to wait. Start your professional career today.

Gain experience and take on challenging assignments

Employers are hungry for people with experience because it shows you can translate what you learned in school to the real world. Through ProMazo you will work side by side with a company’s employees, helping them solve whatever challenges they are facing in the moment, giving you the exact, battle-tested expeirence every employer is looking for in their new recruits.

Build your network and connect with leaders in your field

Your network is crucial to securing your first job. By working with professionals in your field, you will not only be able to learn from them, but you will be able to build the relationships that can help get you hired.

You’re not going it alone. We guide you every step of the way.

Our Coaches have seen it all. They have experience managing dozens of teams across a variety of industries. We will train you in the ProMazo Framework and also coach you along the way to make sure the company does not see a student, but one of their brightest young colleagues.

Get recruited directly out

ProMazo provides you with a unique platform to showcase your talents to a range of professionals and decision makers. Don’t be surprised when after you nail the assignment you get an internship or full time offer.

We have opportunities in many different fields. Which is right for you?


Creative & Design


App Dev

Financial Analysis

Software Dev

Data Sci, AI & ML


How does it work?

04. Coached and Supported Along the Way

PM Managers support the ProMazo Fellows and oversee their work on a day-to-day basis. They are experienced professionals who will help ensure that the work is the highest quality and help integrate ProMazo's team of Fellows within a corporation. They coach their team of Fellows in areas like how to present themselves in meetings and work with their Fellows to tackle all of the challenges the ProMazo team will face.

05. Showcase Your Talents

Throughout your work as a ProMazo Fellow you will be able to showcase your talents to business leaders at the company. As you are building these relationships, you are also developing the professional, communication and hard skills that will set you apart from every other candidate.

01. Apply

Companies come to ProMazo looking to bring the brightest minds onto their teams. To become a Fellow is a multi-step process that requires a significant amount of dedication and should be the top priority after school. If you have the passion for the work, are excited about showcasing your talents and are willing to commit the time, we encourage you to apply.

02. Training

Fellows are trained in the ProMazo framework. This allows our teams to work collaboratively and effectively in short, but intense bursts of activity.

03. Embedded Within Your Team

Fellows who pass the training program are embedded onto corporate work teams throughout the year. Fellows work collaboratively with their corporate counterparts and will often be part of a team of ProMazo Fellows.

You are more than a three-digit number

GPA's only show a small fraction of your ability. Here's how a ProMazo Fellow showcases their talent:

Hard Skills

Demonstrate real world skills to corporate leaders while building your resume


Prove you have the discipline to meet deadlines and act appropriately


Show you can effectively convey ideas with peers, colleagues and executives

Meet your newest team members

As a ProMazo Fellow you will work with the Top 5% of the student community solving a company’s toughest challenges.

Matthew K.

Rocket Scientist

Matt's expertise runs the gambit from optics to lasers which he used while working with ProMazo on Whirlpool engagements. He is now a lead scientist at Los Alamos Lab.

1280px-Los_Alamos_logo.svgCreated with Sketch.

Akshitha R.

Software Developer

A front end guru, Akshitha's abilities have been used in a variety of areas during her work with Unilever while at ProMazo. Strategy&, a top consulting firm is her next stop.

Strategy Logo

Michael B.

Program Manager

One of our lead Fellows during our work with Google. Michael has since gone on to Microsoft, joining their Windows IoT team where he created edge device operating systems.

Microsoft logo

The opportunity to work on meaningful projects, network with top executives and showcase your skills to hiring managers can only be found on ProMazo. The best part is you are never alone, because ProMazo's full time staff are constantly advising, coaching and supporting you.

Natalie B.

ProMazo Fellow

A unique program that is a win-win-win

University Students and Scholars

  • Connect with professionals in the industry you want to join after school

  • Learn what it takes to succeed in the professional world

  • Gain important insight guidance and support from your mentor

Working Professionals

  • Take action against systemic inequality and ensure we do not have a lost generation

  • Develop new perspectives you can bring back to your organization

  • Learn how to effectively communicate with the next generation

Companies and Organizations

  • Create a channel to engage your workforce for positive social change

  • Showcase your culture and values to your next generation of employees

  • Attract, identify and engage top candidates at scale

Are you ready to join the movement?